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Cisco <i>SPA8000</i> 8-Port Telephony Gateway Quick Start Guide

Cisco SPA8000 8-Port Telephony Gateway Quick Start Guide Table of Contents Preface vii Document Audience Supported Firmware Document Conventions Document Purpose and Contents Related Documentation Online Resources Copyrht and Trademarks cal Support Finding Information in PDF Files Finding Text in a PDF Finding Text in Multiple PDF Files Chapter 1: Introducing Linksys Analog Telephone Adapters Comparison of ATA Devices 16 Linksys ATA Connectivity Requirements 18 Linksys PAP2T Connectivity 18 Linksys SPA2102 Connectivity 19 Linksys SPA3102 Connectivity 20 Linksys SPA8000 Connectivity 21 ATA Software Features 22 Voice Supported Codecs 22 SIP Proxy Redundancy 23 Other Linksys ATA Software Features 23 Chapter 2: Basic Administration and Confuration of Your Linksys ATA Device Basic Services and Equipment Required 28 Downloading Firmware 29 Basic Installation and Confuration 30 Upgrading the Firmware for the Linksys ATA Device 30 Setting up Your Linksys ATA Device 31 Using the Administration Web Server 31 Connecting to the Administration Web Server 32 Setting Up the WAN Confuration for Your Linksys ATA Device 32 Registering to the Service Provider 33 Advanced Confurations 34 Upgrading, Rebooting, and Resyncing Your Linksys ATA Device 34 Upgrade URL 34 Resync URL 35 Reboot URL 35 Provisioning Your Linksys ATA Device 35 Provisioning Capabilities 36 Confuration Profile 36 Chapter 3: Confuring Your System for ITSP Interoperability.. User Guide, which is available on the Linksys website at www.linksys. If you want to confure network settings using the Interactive Voice Response.

<strong>Linksys</strong> <strong>SPA8000</strong> -

Linksys SPA8000 - 38 Network Address Translation (NAT) and Voice over IP (Vo IP) 38 NAT Mapping with Session Border Controller 38 NAT Mapping with SIP-ALG Router 38 Confuring NAT Mapping with a Static IP Address 39 vii viii viii ix x xi xi xi xii xii xii Linksys ATA Administration Guide i Table of Contents Confuring NAT Mapping with STUN 40 Determining Whether the Router Uses Symmetric or Asymmetric NAT 41 Firewalls and SIP 42 Confuring SIP Timer Values 43 Chapter 4: Confuring Voice Services Supported Codecs 44 Using a FAX Machine (SPA2102, SPA3102 or SPA8000) 45 Fax Troubleshooting 46 Managing er ID Service 47 Silence Suppression and Comfort Noise Generation 48 Confuring Dial Plans 49 About Dial Plans 49 Editing Dial Plans 55 Secure Implementation 57 Enabling Secure s 57 Secure Details 58 Using a Mini-Certificate 58 Generating a Mini Certificate 59 SIP Trunking and Hunt s on the SPA About SIP Trunking 62 Setting the Trunk Capacity 64 Inbound Routing for a Trunk 64 Contact List for a Trunk 65 Outgoing Routing for a Trunk 66 Confuring a Trunk 67 Trunk Management 68 Setting the Hunt Policy 69 Additional Notes About Trunk s 69 Chapter 5: Confuring Music on Hold Using the Internal Music Source for Music On Hold 70 Using the Internal Music Source 70 Changing the Music File for the Internal Music Source 71 Confuring a Streaming Audio Server 71 About the Streaming Audio Server 71 Confuring the Streaming Audio Server 72 Using the IVR with an SAS Line 73 Chapter 6: Confuring the PSTN (FXO) Gateway Connecting to PSTN and Vo IP Services 74 How Vo IP-To-PSTN s Work 75 One-Stage Dialing 75 Two-Stage Dialing 76 How PSTN-To-Vo IP s Work 77 Terminating Gateway s 77 Vo IP Outbound Routing 78 Confuring Vo IP Failover to PSTN 79 Sharing One Vo IP Account Between the FXS and PSTN Lines 80 Other Options 81 Linksys ATA Administration Guide ii Table of Contents PSTN to Ring Line 1 81 Symmetric RTP 81 Progress Tones 81 Scenarios 82 PSTN to Vo IP with and Without Ring-Thru 82 Vo IP to PSTN With and Without Authentication 83 Forwarding to PSTN Gateway 85 Appendix A: Linksys ATA Routing Field Reference Status page 86 Product Information section 86 System Status section 87 WAN Setup page 87 Internet Connection Settings section 88 Static IP Settings section 88 PPPo E Settings section 88 Optional Settings section 89 MAC Clone Settings section 89 Remote Management section 90 QOS Settings section 90 VLAN Settings section 90 LAN Setup page 90 Networking Service section 91 LAN Networking Settings section 91 Static DHCP Lease Settings section 91 Application page 92 Port Forwarding Settings section 92 DMZ Settings section 92 Miscellaneous Settings section 93 System Reserved Ports Range section 93 Appendix B: Linksys ATA Voice Field Reference Info page 94 Product Information section 95 System Status section 95 Line Status section 95 System Information section (PAP2T) 97 PSTN Line Status section (AG310 and SPA3102) 97 Trunk Status section (SPA8000) 99 System page 99 System Confuration section 100 Internet Connection Type section (PAP2T) 100 Optional Network Confuration section (PAP2T) 100 Miscellaneous Settings section (not used with PAP2T) 101 SIP page 102 SIP Parameters section 102 SIP Timer Values (sec) section 103 Response Status Code Handling section 105 RTP Parameters section 105 SDP Payload Types section 106 NAT Support Parameters section 107 Linksys ATA Administration Guide iii Table of Contents Trunking Parameters section (SPA8000) 109 Regional page 110 Progress Tones section 110 Distinctive Ring Patterns section 112 Distinctive Waiting Tone Patterns section 113 Distinctive Ring/CWT Pattern Names section 113 Ring and Waiting Tone Spec section 114 Control Timer Values (sec) section 114 Vertical Service Activation Codes section 116 Vertical Service Announcement Codes section (SPA2102, SPA8000) 119 Outbound Codec Selection Codes section 120 Miscellaneous section 121 Line page 123 Line Enable section 124 Streaming Audio Server (SAS) section 124 NAT Settings section 125 Network Settings section 125 SIP Settings section 126 Feature Settings section 128 Proxy and Registration section 128 Subscriber Information section 130 Supplementary Service Subscription section 130 Audio Confuration section 132 Gateway Accounts section (SPA3102/AG310) 132 Vo IP Fallback to PSTN section (SPA3102/AG310) 133 Dial Plan section 133 FXS Port Polarity Confuration section 135 Trunk page (SPA8000) 135 Line Enable section 135 Network Settings section 136 SIP Settings section 136 Subscriber Information section 138 Dial Plan section 139 NAT Settings section 139 Proxy and Registration section 140 PSTN Line page (AG310 and SPA3102) 141 Line Enable section 142 NAT Settings section 142 Network Settings section 142 SIP Settings section 143 Proxy and Registration section 145 Subscriber Information section 146 Audio Confuration section 146 Dial Plans section 149 Vo IP-To-PSTN Gateway Setup section 149 Vo IP Users and Passwords (HTTP Authentication) section 150 Ring Settings section 151 FXO (PSTN) Timer Values (sec) section 151 PSTN Disconnect Detection section 153 International Control (Settings) section 155 User page 156 Linksys ATA Administration Guide iv Table of Contents Forward Settings section 157 Selective Forward Settings section 157 Speed Dial Settings section 158 Supplementary Service Settings section 158 Distinctive Ring Settings section 159 Ring Settings section 159 PSTN User page (AG310 and SPA3102) 160 PSTN-To-Vo IP Selective Forward Settings section 160 PSTN-To-Vo IP Speed Dial Settings section 161 PSTN Ring Thru Line 1 Distinctive Ring Settings section 161 PSTN Ring Thru Line 1 Ring Settings section 161 Appendix C: Provisioning Reference (WRP400) Appendix D: Troubleshooting Appendix E: Environmental Specifications PAP2T 174 SPA SPA SPA RTP WRP WRTP54G 177 AG Appendix F: Warranty Information Limited Warranty 178 Exclusions and Limitations 178 Obtaining Warranty Service 179 cal Support 179 Appendix G: Regulatory Information Federal Communications Commission Interference Statement 180 Industry Canada Statement 180 Règlement d Industry Canada 180 EC Declaration of Conformity (Europe) 181 User Information for Consumer Products Covered by EU Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) 181 Appendix H: Safety Information Meaning of the Warning Symbol 188 General Safety Information 188 Power Safety Information 189 Appendix I: Software License Agreement Software in Linksys Products: 190 Software Licenses: 190 Schedule 1 Linksys Software License Agreement 190 Schedule Linksys ATA Administration Guide v Document Audience Preface The Linksys ATA Administration Guide is intended to help VARs and Service Providers to manage and confure the Linksys Voice System (LVS). The Cisco® SPA8000 8-Port IP Telephony Gateway Fure 1 is a full-featured analog telephone adapter. Please see the Administration Guide for details.

<strong>Linksys</strong> <strong>SPA8000</strong> Confuration <strong>Manual</strong> - InPhonex

Linksys SPA8000 Confuration Manual - InPhonex This preface provides helpful information about this guide and other resources that are available to you. Confure your Linksys SPA8000 with our easy to use Setup Guide and start saving money with VoIP service.

ADMINISTRATION GUIDE. <b>Linksys</b>. ATA Administration Guide.

ADMINISTRATION GUIDE. Linksys. ATA Administration Guide. Before you begin to use this guide, refer to the following topics: Document Audience, on page vii Document Conventions, on page viii Document Purpose and Contents, on page ix Related Documentation, on page x Online Resources, on page xi Copyrht and Trademarks, on page xi Finding Information in PDF Files, on page xii Document Audience This document is written for the following audience: Service providers offering services using LVS products VARs and resellers who need LVS confuration references System administrators or anyone who performs LVS installation and administration NOTE: This guide does not provide the confuration information required by specific service providers. ADMINISTRATION GUIDE Linksys ATA Administration Guide, Version 2.0 Table of. 5 Table of Contents Trunking Parameters section SPA8000 109 Regional page. Information in PDF Files Linksys documents are published as PDF files.

<i>Linksys</i> ATA Administrator Guide - InPhonex

Linksys ATA Administrator Guide - InPhonex Please consult with the service provider for specific service parameters. Using a FAX Machine with the SPA2102 or SPA8000 3-15. This guide describes administration and use of the Linksys Analog Telephone Adapters ATAs. It.

<em>LINKSYS</em> <em>SPA8000</em> QUICK INSTALLATION <em>Pdf</em> Download.

LINKSYS SPA8000 QUICK INSTALLATION Pdf Download. Linksys ATA Administration Guide vii Supported Firmware Supported Firmware This guide supports the following firmware releases. View and Download Linksys SPA8000 quick installation online. 8-Port Telephony Gateway. SPA8000 Gateway pdf manual download.

ATA Administration Guide - Cisco

ATA Administration Guide - Cisco The installed firmware must be at least the indicated in the table below. Cisco Small Business ATA Administration Guide. 3. Contents. SIP Trunking and Hunt s on the SPA8000. 70. About SIP. Linksys ATA. Telephone/fax.

Cisco SPA-8000 8-Port Telephony Gateway Confuration Guide

Cisco SPA-8000 8-Port Telephony Gateway Confuration Guide May 31, 2012. Cisco SPA8000 Confuration Guide for. NOTE The ports are the default ports that are confured by Linksys 5060, 5061, 5160, 5161, 5260.

CISCO <i>SPA8000</i> CONFURATION <i>MANUAL</i> <i>Pdf</i> Download.

CISCO SPA8000 CONFURATION MANUAL Pdf Download. Port Telephony Gateway SIP Trunking Confuration Guide. SPA8000 Gateway pdf manual download. Gateway Cisco Linksys SPA3102 User Manual.

<em>Linksys</em> SPA Provisioning Guide - MIK

Linksys SPA Provisioning Guide - MIK This guide describes the provisioning of Linksys Voice over IP VoIP products. It contains. SPA8000—Voice adapter supporting up to eht FXS connections.

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